EV4 France

EV4 France


Elektrisches Semi-Recumbent, auch mit Solarpanel-Dach


Semi-recumbent trike with optional solar panel


Tricycle fauteuil, canopée solaire disponible en option

EV4 France

Aérodrome Lognes Emerainville
F-77185 Lognes

Tel.: +33
eMail: contact@ev4-france.fr

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EV4 develops a whole range of innovative light electric vehicles. We are specialized in tilting systems, which make our bikes and quads fast, safe and smooth to ride.

We are glad to introduce our last tilting trike: the Solar Bike.

Made for everyday ride, and also longrun bike journeys, it complies with EU bikes regulations.

The Solar-Bike is based on our Semi-Recumbent model, all made of aviation grade aluminium. It comes with 20 inches wheels, a 100W solar panel and a UV-proof polycarbonate canopy.

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EV4 France

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